Swiss drummer/percussionist Georg Hofmann is a rhythmic painter and a sonic sculptor performing internationally in jazz, improvised music settings and in interarts groups and projects. Additionally Georg Hofmann is a busy educator, producer and curator.

Georg Hofmann 

up and coming


Blaise Siwula - Georg Hofmann 

April 16th, 8pm, Origen, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

Blaise Siwula (reeds), GH (perc)

Mukwae Wabei Siyolve 

April 30th, 8pm, Origen, Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Mukwae Wabei Siyolve (voc,perc), Charles Fletcher (b, loops), GH (dr, perc, loops)

Charro & The Moonhowlers

May 1st, 7pm, Dzalbay, Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Charro (g,voc), Charles Fletcher (b), GH (dr) 

Armando Merid Martin Electric Trio

May 14th, 8pm, Origen, Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Armando Martin (g), Charles Fletcher (b), GH (dr)

Abril Sanchez Trio Centro Sur

May 28th, 8pm, Origen, Merida, Yuc., Mexico

Abril Sanchez (g), Oscar Teran (b), GH (dr)

Due to the pandemic situation reservations for the gigs are indispensable

Recording with Blaise Siwula in the making

CD "Tree, Wind & Flowers" 

by Nord, Hofmann & Stahel

Leo Records (LR 747)













© 2014 by Braulio Izazaga Reyes and Georg Hofmann inspired by the colours of Mexican architect Luis Barragan

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