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Interart projects


Music often evokes images or a movie in front of the inner eye. Music has a mayor role in movies, theater, fashion shows, documentaries, multimedia etc. Normally music in this context has a supportive character and is designed to propel and enhance the visuals, the story etc.. Since there is a visual element, the music doesn't have to say all.


Over the years Hofmann developed a name for interarts projects. Influenced by his father, who ran an art gallery and art and artists being a main ocupation at home and encouraged by Pierre Favre to be curious and look behind other doors beside the obvious ones reading "Jazz" or "Rock", Hofmann started to get work in that area.


In the 80ties he first conceived and composed a slideshow and the music with it on the riots in Soweto, that was part of the production of Kurt Weill's musical "Cry the beloved Country". This led to composing and playing the music for the maskplay "Dämonen Dämmerung" by choreographer Jeannot Hunziker with maskobjects by Swiss surrealist Margaretha Dubach.


Then followed a long string of interart work besides his playing in the Zürich jazzscene and abroad: recording Andreas Stahl's score for "Unterwegs", documentary on photographer Werner Bischof, gigs at Schauspielhaus Zürich, composing and performing for independent theatergroups and at Stadttheater Konstanz/Germany, composing for two drummers (him and the German drummerfriend Yogo Pausch) for most of the designers at the TMC Avantgarde Fashionshow in Zürich.


Ann Kresge and Mike Nord's work "Crossing Border" for Festival "Sin Compas" in Mexico City again was a great learning experience on an international level.


Martha Reyes' production "100/200" celebrating 100 years of Mexican Revolution and 200 years of Mexican Independence was a chaotic and crazy avantgarde fiesta at Zürich's famous Cabaret Voltaire, birthplace of Dada.


Since 2006 Hofmann works a lot with dancers. Mostly of course in the group Noru Ka Soru Ka but also in the improv platform Improaquarium in Winterthur, Switzerland and curating the series "3.Montag - one step beyond" at Tanzhaus, Zürich in 2012. 


"Playing in interarts projects and groups is a challenge in its own, but also a big reward. To be able to communicate with all kinds of artists and audiences is opening up my mind and a general blessing, keeping me on the tracks in developing".

Grenzland by Manuela Fischer and Maya Spiri was the last participation in Arosa, Switzerland in Summer 2016.




Crossing Borders, Duet (Mike Nord/Ann Kresge)

Crossing Borders, Mantle (Mike Nord/Ann Kresge)

"100/200" at Cabaret Voltaire, excerpt

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