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Noru Ka Soru Ka


Noru Ka Soru Ka now and in the last years is Georg Hofmann's main ocupation

on stage. Noru Ka Soru Ka is an improvising collective of Japanese dancers Makoto Matsushima and Mao Arata, Mike Nord (g/electronics) from New York and Georg Hofmann on drums and percussion.


Noru Ka Soru Ka means "bend or break" refering to our taking risks on stage in creating each performance, or "take the leap" refering to opening up to another artform, another culture, another point of view, another kind of food, another way of

life etc.


Noru Ka Soru Ka started in 2006 and developed step by step over the years to it's actual level - a true work in progress. In the best moments the level of interplay in Noru Ka Soru Ka has come to a point, where the music becomes the dance and the dance the music so to speak. Makoto Matsushima and Mao Arata collaborate 20 years in famous Pappa Tarahumara. Mike Nord and Georg Hofmann work together since 30 years first playing Jazz and over the years liberating themselves in several groups and interarts projects towards (free) improvisation.


Noru Ka Soru Ka performed in Japan, the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Switzerland and Hong Kong and produced the two DVDs "eeasy! Live at la Fourmi" and "6 Etudes" and the CD "Music of Noru Ka Soru Ka". Performances are scheduled for 2015.


To the right you find a complete documentation in .pdf, the trailer to Noru Ka Soru Ka's DVD "...eeeaasy!.... Live at La Fourmi" from 2012 and an excerpt from Noru Ka Soru Ka's performance at XXX Gallery in Hong Kong 2013. 

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