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The Extensions




Christoph Baumann (piano)

Vinz Vonlanthen (g/electronics)


The Extensions is Georg Hofmann's Swiss FreePulseNoiseMusic trio. Swiss Radio DRS produced the Extensions' first critically aclaimed CD "sit back and relax" (Altrisuoni) after a first tour in Switzerland in 2001.

The Extensions played mostly in Switzerland including a tour with Mexican guest musicians and Hofmann's friends from his times in Mexico City Aaron Cruz on bass and Remy Alvarez on tenor - and sopranosax in 2004.


In 2005 die lange Nacht der kurzen Geschichten, festival of literature in Zürich, Switzerland, comissioned a literature reading with live music on Boris Vian's "l'écume du jour". Georg Hofmann conceived "Extended Boris" composing a logbook of improvisations played by The Extensions and underlying and interplaying with the text. Actor Patrick Rapold read the text in the opening shows and was later replaced by Jaap Achterberg.

Then The Extensions went to vacation for some time. After some concerts in duo with Christoph Baumann, Georg Hofmann decided to revive the trio in its original version for a tour in April 2023.


sit back and relax (altrisuoni 2002)                                


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