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my set evolves basically around a 4 or 5 piece jazzkit with an 18" bassdrum, 12" and 14" tom and a Snaredrum, which I sometimes replace with a djembé. Often I use a second 22" or 24" bassdrum on the left foot. This allows for much more low end and above all for melodic patterns with the feet. The usual doublebass playing is completely boring to me. Then I combine this with some ethnic drums like small djembés, a tamborim, cowbells and reco reco. I also use a 24" framedrum with a calfskin on my left. I have all kinds of Paiste cymbals and gongs from different series and am always on the lookout for new sounds. All this played with a wide array of sticks and mallets gives me tons of shades, colours and textures to choose from.


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